Today, global warming caused by greenhouse gases and environmental destruction caused by waste plastics are becoming more serious.
Under such circumstances, we have developed our own technology to chemically recycle polyester from polyester products.
We created “RePEaT PROCESS”.
We will share this technology with all stakeholders who handle polyester,
We aim to significantly increase the recycling rate of polyester.
In accordance with the regulations of each country, we will build an ecosystem from used polyester recycling to distribution,
Our mission is to realize a sustainable global environment through a circular economy.

RePEaT Co., Ltd. is engaged in licensing business based on technology for chemical recycling of polyester products. Through a collaboration by Teijin, JGC, and ITOCHU, we package advanced technology and know-how that are one step ahead, and globally license new chemical recycling technology. In this way, we support businesses inside and outside Japan wishing to contribute to a sustainable society.